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The Company

Zibari is a premium purveyor of authentic culinary foods from around the world, offering a diverse range of iconic international cuisines.
Sourced from our global partners–from small, artisanal regional producers to large, well-established factories–that practice traditional farming or production techniques that yield an exceptional culinary experience, Zibari specialty foods celebrate the cuisines and cultures–and is, at its core, an invitation to Taste the World.


Our customers deserve luxury
We provide only the finest, gourmet foods from around the world and unsurpassed service that, combined, deliver the luxurious experience our customers deserve.

Sustainability is everything
Our choices impact our communities and the planet as much as ourselves. That’s why we’re always working toward reducing our environmental footprint in everything we do, from the sourcing to the final product.

We are always authentic
We support local experiences. Each product’s unique character is a direct reflection of a community’s people, culture, and cuisine–and we’ll do everything we can to preserve it.

A healthy company does more good
A healthy, resilient company built on sound financial grounds enables us to increase value for our stakeholders and better support our partners, people, communities, and the planet.

When I set out to create Zibari, I had a mission to explore the world and seek out the finest-crafted foods cultivated–then make them available to chefs, restaurants, stores, and foodies everywhere.

My serious pursuit to discover exceptional and unique culinary finds, and the resulting travels, paved the road to the rich experience of diverse flavors and subtle differences. I scouted out small and family-run growers with extraordinary and delightful foods full of character and conscience, the result of sustainable farming practices, traditional production techniques, and commitment to quality. A difference you can taste.

Each time I crossed the globe to a new destination, I did so (and still do!) with only one purpose in mind: to experience the authentic ingredients, flavors, aromas, and textures of local culinary cultures and regional cuisines.

To Italy, France, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Spain, Greece, and Peru, my wanderlust led me to my grand affair with the delighting tastes and artisanal care that go into the history and heritage of the highest quality food making its way onto our tables.

I am happy to report that my passion and an insatiable desire for fine food, reverence for the people who produce it, and the places it comes from, is behind the philosophy and diverse selection of Zibari.

We are proud to be recognized for bringing the wonderful, varied offerings of the world’s best epicurean tastes to excite and enthrall. With Zibari, you are never too far from an amazing food experience and an invitation to Taste the World.

To help our customers taste the world’s best gourmet luxuries. We do so by offering a carefully-curated selection of products sourced from our partners ranging from small, artisanal producers to well-established factories committed to sustainable practices–all the while honoring culinary traditions and experiences around the world. In turn, showcasing the quality and diversity of cuisines and the wonderful people who raise, grow, and produce them. We don’t just deliver exceptional foods; we’re also committed to providing extraordinary experiences. Every customer–from professional chefs to chain restaurants; from local grocery stores to everyday foodies–leaves highly-satisfied with their purchase, convinced that we are the best choice to fulfill their desire for decadent, authentic, and environmentally-conscious world delicacies.

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, only enhanced by exotic flavors and authentic local specialties. That’s why our vision, quite simply, is to create a world where every person on the planet can indulge in every destination’s unique gastronomic delicacies–in such a way that values the history and culture of the region. And because we want to excite and delight our communities’ tastebuds for a long time to come, we do everything with a continued commitment to promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the Environment. We’re passionate about using business as a force for good in the world and the food system. Every step of the way.

Meet our CEO and co-founder, Ariela

When I am asked about my childhood memories, I remember the smell of food the best. I was born and raised in Mexico City.

As a little girl, I remember helping my mother plan the food menus when she had friends or family over dinner. And every Sunday, I went to my grandmother’s house before lunch to help her cook.

Those childhood experiences had a tremendous impact on me: nowadays, I am always taking charge of ordering food every time I go to a restaurant with my friends.

I have a B.A. in International Business from Universidad Iberoamericana and a master’s degree in Food Studies at NYU. With over eight years in the food industry, I decided to continue my journey as an entrepreneur. In 2020 I Co-Founded Zibari.


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