White Truffle Cream (2.8 oz)


Bring a new level of decadence to your dishes. Our Black Truffle Cream is rich, creamy, and luxurious … Complete with a seductive, heady, musky aroma. Just a spoonful of this aromatic black truffle cream is pure culinary magic. You can count on it to work its dark, truffle magic-infusing a distinct yet exquisite savoriness to just about any recipe. Simply drool-inducingly delicious.

Product Qty: nt wt 2.8 oz (80 g)

Origin: Pietralunga, Italy

Preparation tips

When it comes to adding Zibari Black Truffle Cream, the only limit is your imagination. It’s that versatile! The sauce is ready and perfect as it is. You can toss it with pasta, mix into scrambled eggs, add it to sauces and gravies-or simply spread it on toast for the most luxurious breakfast ever. It’s truly fantastic on or in almost any dish.


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